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Date: 3600 BCE

Period: Neolithic

Phase: Ġgantija

Location: Xagħra, Gozo

Access: Public museum managed by Heritage Malta


Site details

Ġgantija's South Temple is the earliest and consists of five apses. The temple to the north was built later and has four apses plus a niche.


  • Betyl

  • Megalith engraved with the low relief of a snake

  • Surviving wall of 6m height


  • Bowl containing a bull's horn, pottery sherds and seashells, excavated from under a threshold slab to the South Temple.


  • South Temple - south east

  • North Temple - south east

Interesting facts

The FRAGSUS Project found that Ġgantija was built close to a fault line and a natural spring.

The same archaeological dig also found remnants of what may have been a trilithon entrance leading from the sloping fields below, up to the artificial terrace Ġgantija sits on.

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