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Kordin III

Date: 3600-2500 BCE

Period: Neolithic

Phase: Ġgantija

Location: Paola

Access: Closed to public. Managed by Heritage Malta. Can be accessed by appointment only.


Site details

Kordin III is the remains of a trefoil temple and an irregularly shaped lobed building to its east. There are also scanty remains of what might be a four apse temple to the north east. Kordin III is less than 500m south of the destroyed sites of Kordin I and Kordin II. A Neolithic village existed on the site before construction of the temples began and some of the remains to the north of the site, as well as the 'four apse temple' could actually belong to Neolithic huts.


  • Quern or trough


  • Obsidian tools

  • Flint tools


  • Trefoil temple - south east

  • Irregular building - south west

  • Possible four apse temple - south west

Interesting facts

Kordin III is the only temple site built around a cobbled forecourt.

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