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Santa Verna

Date: 3800 BCE

Period: Neolithic

Phase: Ġgantija

Location: Xagħra, Gozo

Access: On church land. Can be viewed from the footpath through the field.


Site details

Santa Verna Temple has only a small amount of its facade and outer bench remaining. It's thought to have had five apses similar to Ġgantija which is about 1km to the east on the same plateau.


  • Snail figurines

  • Obsidian blades and arrowheads

  • Pottery sherds

  • Saddle quern

  • Flint tools


  • Only temple - south east

Interesting facts

The FRAGSUS Project found snail figurines deposited in the walls of the temple.

The same archaeological dig also found a small polygonal wall under the foundations that didn't have a structural function and couldn't be seen above ground.

The temple people built on top of an Early Neolithic village.

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