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Date: 3600-2500 BCE

Period: Neolithic

Phase: Ġgantija, Tarxien

Location: Żebbiegħ, Malta

Access: Public museum managed by Heritage Malta


Site details

Skorba is made up of two temples, one with a trefoil layout built during the Ġgantija phase known as the West Temple and the East Temple with four apses plus a niche, erected during the Tarxien phase. The site is built on top of an Early Neolithic village which was possibly a domestic settlement with a shrine. Both temples were reused during the Bronze Age.


  • Five libation holes in the entrance corridor to the West Temple

  • Blocks with a pitted decoration

  • Torba flooring


  • West Temple - south east

  • East Temple - south

Interesting facts

The Early Neolithic village is one of the best examples of its kind in Malta. It was abandoned for around one thousand years before being the area was resettled by the Temple Period. Six goat skulls and stylised female figurines were found in the Red Skorba Shrine, a part of the village thought to have been for rituals.

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