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Date: 3300-3000 BCE

Period: Neolithic

Phase: Tarxien

Location: Salina Bay, Malta

Access: Private property. Some megaliths can be seen from the road.


Site details

Tal-Qadi Temple has a four-apse-plus-niche layout but only the remains of two apses, the niche and some paving slabs are still intact. A few megaliths have been removed from their original position.


  • Star tablet

  • Fragments of figurines

  • Pestle and whetstone


  • Only temple - north east

Interesting facts

The 'star tablet' currently on display in the National Museum of Archaeology is thought to have been part of a circular stone used for astronomical observations. There are several theories as to how it was used.

At the time Tal-Qadi was built, it would have sat on a hill overlooking an ancient shoreline since the sea from Salina Bay came much further inland at that time.

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