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Date: 3000-2500 BCE

Period: Neolithic

Phase: Tarxien

Location: Marsaxlokk

Access: Closed to public. Managed by Heritage Malta. Can be accessed by appointment only.


Site details

Tas-Silġ is a multi-period archaeological site with Neolithic, Bronze Age, Punic, Roman and Byzantine remains. Due to its reuse over the millennia little remains of the Temple Period. Megalithic blocks make up the northern wall of a temple which appears to have a four apse layout. Other scattered megaliths show there may have been four temples originally.


  • Threshold slab with three libation holes

  • 'Fat lady statue'


  • Only temple - south east

Interesting facts

The threshold slab indicates a south east orientation. However the megaliths on the north west side of the temple have a concave pattern making it look as though that was the facade.

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